Pet Aquamation with Care

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A gentler & greener choice
for your pet's final journey.

Aquamation is cremation using water instead of fire.
Aquamation is environmentally-friendly.
Our team is composed of animal welfare advocates.

Losing a beloved pet is already a stressful time.

Planning their goodbye should not be.

Everything you need in one simple package.

Bamboo or Ceramic Urn
Flat or Folding Photo Frame
Paw Print & Fur Sample
Viewing in our Farewell Room
Return of remains within Metro Manila
Pets in Peace Pet Aquamation was founded by people who share the same love for animals and passion for animal welfare and rescue. We believe in responsible pet ownership, all the way to the end. Our mission is to provide pet owners a responsible way to lay their beloved furry companions to rest through Aquamation, a process that is both respectful to their pets and respectful to our planet. Part of our proceeds then goes back to saving lives by supporting animal rescue efforts, stray feeding and spay & neuter programs.

This is the circle of what we do.

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gentler & greener way to lay your pet to rest.

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